Success Portal revamp is underway...

We've decided to re-design the Success Portal to make it easier to navigate and find the important information you need. This affects our Partners, Customers, and Employees (yes, we have everyone using the same Success portal - thanks, segmentation!) We have a lot of great information in there, but have received feedback that things have gotten a bit hard to navigate.

Anything you would like to suggest we add/change to include in this re-design?


  • HelenMorseHelenMorse ✭✭✭ Superuser

    Excellent... so long as you tighten the connections between the sites! Having links from Nation to the Product Board is really important (I keep forgetting where that is - looked here, looked on the Support site, finally remembered it's on the Success Portal). Having different homes for your info should be mostly irrelevant to us, so long as they're all connected. (If it's not structurally connected, then it requires all of us to have remembered and put links our posts - like to the Product Feedback Board - which may or may not work with logins!)

    I know you probably can't do multi-site search - can you add a link to the top of search results pages suggesting "check for more results on Impartner Nation" for example, maybe pre-populate the search with the search string?

    Be nice to have the gamification and certifications tied together, so we have 1 profile. And of course, SSO so it feels like I'm on one site!

  • TrevorTrevor | Admin

    Fully agree, @HelenMorse. A big driver of the revamp is to make all the different tools easier to find and navigate between all of them more seamlessly. We are starting to use the Success Portal for all communication and updates - and there's a lot going on! - so cleaning it up to make the experience more intuitive was necessary.

    Love the suggestions, I'll bring them up in our next design session.

  • M_HandM_Hand ✭✭ Savant

    Hi Trevor, further to Helen's comments, I'd like to see the Product Feedback Board link more prominently displayed. I'd also like to see the Twitter feed closer to the top, right perhaps. Maybe a consolidated News section that has some product feedback board teaser(s) and tweets? Thanks!

  • I'd like to see a link to be able to upgrade to the newest version of the SFDC package. It would also be nice to get a push notification when trainings have been updated or when something new lands on the product board.

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