Important Info for GDPR

Beyond the fact that Impartner successfully complies with the EU’s new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), it’s important that our customers understand what it means for them. GDPR intends to protect user data privacy with well-defined and audited security, systems, and processes. The most important terms are Data Controller and Data Processor. These terms are always based on the user’s viewpoint, that is: To whom did I, the end-user, give permission to use, store, or share my personally identifiable information (PII)?

For our users of the Impartner PRM administrative functionality, Impartner is the Data Controller because all of the information related to administration is owned, controlled, and managed by Impartner.

For end-users, like your partners, Impartner is the Data Processor and you, our customer, are the Data Controller, because the end-users (your partners) have given you (our customer) permission to use, store, and share their PII.

And as for your integrations with, for example, a CRM, LMS, or ERP? Those services act as Data Processors on behalf of our customers.


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