Impartner Product Feedback Board is Live On May 7

AaronAaron | Employee
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We of the Product team at Impartner believe in enabling vendors (you) to successfully manage your channel and provide your partners with a premier partnership experience. To that end, as announced at ImpartnerCon 2019, we’re extending our Product Feedback Board to our customers, so that you can collaborate with us in building the PRM tools and experiences that you need.

On the Ideas Board, you can:
1. See features ideas that we are planning, are building, or have recently released.
2. Provide feedback on any idea that interests you.
3. Submit a new idea for us to consider.

We’ll post features we’re thinking about or working on and you can vote and make comments. On some ideas, we’ll post questions, feel free to give us your responses. Don’t worry--only the product team at Impartner will see your comments.

On the Impartner Product Feedback Board, you’ll find three tabs: Planning, Building, and Released.

These are ideas that we think you’ll love. Some of the ideas are more formulated than others, so you’ll see high-fidelity prototypes, or even sketches and whiteboard drawings.

These are features currently under development.

Features that we have recently released, perhaps with a few tips and tricks on how to make the most of the powerful functionality Impartner PRM provides.

To access the Product Ideas Board:
1. Click the hex icon in the upper righthand corner that has the green person in it.
2. Click "Product Feedback Board" menu option.
3. You're in!

You are also welcome to send product ideas and requests to [email protected]. We review those requests every week, although we are not able to respond to each one. We prioritize all requests and add a few ideas of our own to decide what to build. Keep an eye on the Product Feedback Board, and you may see your idea pop up on the Planning tab!

We're launching tonight, so tomorrow take a look at what we’re planning and building!



  • Hi Aaron,

    excited to see the Product Ideas Board! However, I dont see the menu option when clicking on the icon.. has the Board launched already?


  • AaronAaron | Employee

    @Thomas_Rother Yes! We launched it earlier this week and it should be available in your PRM. I've attached a screenshot to show where the menu is and what option you should select in order to view the ideas board:

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