PRM Update May 31, 2019

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​Hello Impartner Nation!

We released a few improvements to PRM last Friday night as part of the 5.6.12 release. Please find the release notes below. If you have any questions, reach out to the product team.

Send Us Your Product Feedback!
As the product team at Impartner, we believe in helping channel teams successfully manage their channel using the best PRM tools available. As such, we're thankful for your feedback. If you have an idea or a feature request, tell us on the Product Ideas Board. You can also see screenshots of newly released functionality in the "Released" tab. To access the Ideas Board, click the link under the profile menu in PRM (the hex with the green person icon), or click this link:

Release Notes:
Asset Library: Multiple categories can now be applied to an asset, similar to a content tag.
Asset Library: Various bug fixes around cobranding and playbooks.
CMS: One or more pages can be selected for export (download).

Additional Information:
Asset Library:
Thanks to customer feedback, we know that not all assets fit nicely into one collection or category. We've expanded the category functionality so that you can apply multiple categories to an asset. For example, if you have a comparison sheet that also doubles as a pricing sheet, you can apply both "Comparison" and "Pricing Sheet" categories to the same asset. (Please note, that assets still reside in one collection only, and that segmentation can be applied on the collection and asset.)

Additional Asset Library bug fixes:

  • Images and text not persisting on co-branded documents until downloading
  • "Types" changed to "Categories" on bulk update page
  • On multiple asset upload, selected "Unassigned" for language would throw an error

CMS Page List Export:

  • Users can now choose which pages to export (download) from the CMS Page List by selecting one or more pages.
  • The Upload button has been renamed to Import, and the Download button has been renamed to Export.
  • Users can select one or more pages to export by selecting the checkbox(es) next to each page.
  • Users can select or deselect all pages with a select all checkbox.
  • As pages are selected and deselected, the number of pages selected for export will be reflected in the Export button label.
  • At least one page must be selected to Export.
  • Users can export a single page at a time by choosing Export from the Actions menu for that page.

Thank you!

The Impartner Product Team
Gary Sabin - VP of Product
Aaron Airmet - PM: Partner Enablement,
Deja Dowling - PM: Partner Experience
Ethan Winkleman - PM: BI/Reporting, Tiers
Grady Kelly - Sr. UX
Rusty Gregory - UX
Mark Hill - UX

[email protected]

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