Training and Certification | Updates to Reporting and Quiz Randomization

EthanEthan Product Manager | Employee

Drill-down Reporting for Completed Certifications

You can now drill into completed certifications and see which of your partners have completed them. For added flexibility, the data can be exported to a CSV and used in other platforms. Simply click on the number of users who have completed a certification and you'll see a modal pop-up with the user name, account and date completed.

Admins can also view completed certifications for specific users. This is found under the Users object inside of PRM. After navigating to the desired user, click on edit and then navigate to the Training section.

Randomization of Question and Answer Order

Question and answer orders can now be randomized to increase your course's effectiveness. To do this, select the Question or Answer toggle to the desired state. Once enabled, each time a partner takes the quiz the question and/or answers will be presented in a random order.


  • jchiassonjchiasson ✭✭ Savant

    This is very useful when tracking partner certifications.

  • ChannelChickChannelChick | Partner
    edited April 4

    Critical to have the ability to send certificates to partners after completing and passing certification tests. This is apparently not available with the new module. Discussing a workaround next week with Impartner.

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